Don’t get distracted, John


Soon after John Key became Prime Minister he said he wanted to focus on things which really mattered and, unlike Labour, didn’t want to become distracted and bogged down by sideshows.

Allowing the guilt by association sections in the new Copyright Act to come into effect will do just that.

It will take attention away from the good things the government is doing, it will provide a stick with which the government’s opponents will beat them; it will antagonise supporters and allow what ought to be a relatively minor piece of legislation to become a major distraction.

It will in fact be following Labour’s blueprint for losing their way.

Why would you inflict all that damage on yourself for legislation which was the previous administration’s mistake when you could simply delay the implementation of the two clauses until a fairer and more effective solution to the problem of illegal downloads  is devised?

5 Responses to Don’t get distracted, John

  1. Spot on. I couldn’t have put it better myself.


  2. LaFemme says:

    You’ve heard of the money shot? This is the money quesstion: why in heaven’s name would any political party do this to themselves?!?!?!
    But they do. Case in point, Helen Clark’s government.


  3. Inventory2 says:

    Good post HP – perhaps Paul Henry can get JK to see sense tomorrow morning …


  4. […] is argued at Homepaddock, allowing this shabby slab of law to take effect from the end of this month – will take attention […]


  5. […] cited a posting at Homepaddock, where this question was posed? Why would you inflict all that damage on yourself for legislation […]


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