Black and blue


When I started blogging I made my politics clear (I admit to the blue tint in the header and my National Party involvement on the About page).

I did that because I decided not to be anonymous (my name is also on the About page) and having done that thought it was important to be upfront about my bias – though regular readers probably don’t need to be told I’m not trying to be balanced 🙂

I also decided I’d leave criticism of National to others in much the way I might take issue with friends or family when I’m with them but not in front of others; and because there are enough people keen to criticise any party in public without its members joining in.

However, I’m making an exception over the guilt on association copyright law for two reasons.

First because it’s bad law. David Farrar’s guest column at NZCPR  explains why and I linked to several blogs which have covered the issue on an earlier post.

Second because it’s really stupid politics. 

This is Labour’s mess thanks to then minsiter Judith Tizard. But she’s no longer in parliament and her party has seen the light so if section 92a and 92c are retained the mess and resulting problems will become National’s and  the government risks losing far too much of the goodwill and support it’s won if it won’t clear it up.

It doesn’t have to be this way, they can delay the problem bits becoming law when cabinet meets tomorrow.

Failure to do so will exhibit a similar blind refusal to see sense as Labour and its allies exhibited with Electoral Finance Act.

Like Keeping Stock I’m not confident of blacking out this site without killing it completely but I’ll try and if that doesn’t work I’ll certainly be showing that I’m backing the blackout even though I’m blue.

4 Responses to Black and blue

  1. Well said HP.
    I do wonder what National is playing at by keeping the law.
    They obviously still need to employ communications staff who can advise the party to take the route of freedom.
    And advise them to axe the clause which would give them yet another chance to lay the boot into Liarbour.

    Now even Liarbour has changed its view, with Claire Curren showing some sense. She may well be one to watch.
    She is a PR chick after all and will know how to spin thingsand help undo Liarbour’s many messes.

  2. I’m giving National the benefit of the doubt for now. After all the real villain of the piece was Judith Tizzard and her imperial arrogance rightly cost her seat.

    My hope is that the Key government turns out to be blue tinged with libertarianism rather than authoritarianism. S92a is something of an acid test here. On the other hand, while it annoys the heck out of me, it really isn’t the biggest issue facing the government.

  3. LaFemme says:

    I disagree with Bill, it is important, possibly the most important issue, because it’s about trust: how can I possibly trust this government if they’re going to treat me and the rest of the New Zealand public the same way the labour government did? That’s just going from one abusive relationship to another.
    And if the nats are going to let S92A stand, along with not repealing that sick and twisted anti-smacking bill, then they’re no better than the last lot — so boot’em in 11! put labour back in, and if they don’t behave, boot them out, again, and repeat — repeat! repeat! repeat! until those doing the governing learn that they can’t run rough shod over the governed.

  4. macdoctor01 says:

    HP: If you want to try your hand at a blackout, email me at jim at macdoctor dot co dot enzed and I will email you back blow-by-blow instructions.

    This offer extends to any wordpress user, BTW.

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