Who was scared?

The headline said: Second melamine scare for Fonterra so I read the story to find out who was scared.

It wasn’t Fonterra.

It wasn’t the company which supplied Fonterra.

It wasn’t food safety authorities.

And it wasn’t consumers.

So was there anything to be scared about?

No. Fonterra did the sensible thing when told there was possible contamination in the iron it used in 12 products:

Fonterra immediately stopped all production using the supplement and undertook extensive testing of the affected batches.

Nothing was found to cause concern, production resumed with iron which has been tested and found to be free of melamine.

The Minister of Food Safety, Kate Wilkinson,  has issued a media release, complete with time line and Q&A on melamine but there is nothing in any of that to indicated she was scared.

So who was scared?

Nobody and there was nothing to be scared of which has prompted Macdoctor to define a new media genre – spam journalism.

2 Responses to Who was scared?

  1. LaFemme says:

    Very good analysis, HP, and the good MD’s label is dead on!

  2. Sally says:

    Last night I was listening to Keith Stewart on Radio Live going ballistic about the safety of Fonterra’s milk. Demanding that we all boycott Fonterra’s products. Thje term ‘Nanny Corporates’ was used.

    I did a search on the web re the melamine scare and was astounded that Keith could sound off as he had. Disgraceful tactics.

    Two ladies did give him a real telling off, but that did not stop him and others with their ridiculous campaign.

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