Unhelpful help desk

The internet wasn’t connected when I checked the computer this morning so I rang the Orcon help desk.

A very cheerful recorded voice answered telling me something to the effect that they were all out partying and to ring back later. It was a joke but I wasn’t greatly amused because this was 6am and the help desk wasn’t going to open until 8.

Two hours later I called back, got a real person and explained the problem, pointing out there were red lights on the wee box which I thought were normally green.

He said not to worry about that, and to turn everything off and back on again. I’d already tried that so he told me to delete the connection icon and talked me through setting it up again but there was still no service.

He then asked me to hang on while he consulted a colleague, left me listening to the sort of music I wouldn’t normally choose to listen to and eventually came back to tell me the colleague was busy and would call me back.

Another two hours later no-one had called back so I rang the help desk again. The woman who answered asked me to turn everything off again but the internet still wouldn’t connect when I turned it all back on. She then left me listening to more music I wouldn’t normally listen to while she consulted a colleague before coming back to say there must be a problem with our connection so she’d talk to their technician and ring me back.

This time it took only a few minutes to get the call back to tell me there was a problem with the network in our area and technicians were working on it.

Would it be too much to ask that when there’s a problem with the network, someone lets the people on the help desk know so that they can tell customers about it when they call so the customers don’t waste their time wasting the time of the help desk staff?

3 Responses to Unhelpful help desk

  1. Megan says:

    we had that problem last week, except ours went on for four days. Turns out Telecom connected us (and 200 others) to those new cabinets and failed to update any of the settings. Thus 200ish people were unable to use the internet and would have ended up calling their ISPs only to be told that a man from Telecom would be around “today or maybe tomorrow” to fix the problem. Quite why Telecom didn’t inform the ISPs of the problem I don’t know. It was only when a Chorus (Telecom) employee visited out home that we were told the extent of the problem. It was very annoying – and it was the same week as those darn power cuts.

    Good on those technicians for getting your connection problem sorted!


  2. stef says:

    Orcon’s customer services is completly shite. I was astounded to find out when I got my broadband installed (along with a phone line because I still am an unable to access naked DSL in my area) that they had only gotten around to doing the phone line and not the internet and claimed it was my fault.



  3. Shady says:

    Wow – that is the absolute opposite of my experiences with Orcon – had a problem where it was dropping out all the time. The guy quoted straight back to me how many times in the last 24 hours and that there was definitely a problem. I had an instant response – bit of running around the house checking phone lines etc. Switching things off and on and that definitely sorted the problem. Maybe I’m lucky, but had excellent service from the time we switched over to them and they talked me through the set up with utmost patience. (And no I don’t work for them or have anything to do with them!)


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