One down another to go

The Electoral Finance Act has gone so the government can turn it’s attention to addressing another threat to freedom of expression – the Guilt by Association law Section 92A.



See more at:  goNZofreakpower, MacDoctor, Hand Mirror,  Not PC, WhaleOilKiwiblog,  Juha Saarinen and Russell Brown.

5 Responses to One down another to go

  1. LaFemme says:

    My husband and I own two businesses, both of us talk to a lot of people daily, and I am raising the alarm about the Nats acting like labour on this issue, telling people to write, call, text, email, whatever, but if this is not resolved by election time (along with the anti-smacking violation of parents’ rights), I will become fishwife shrill!
    That’s a promise Nats, are you listening?
    We voted the labour government out, we don’t want the new one to be just a tarted up version of the old.
    What about that don’t the Nats get?


  2. adamsmith1922 says:


    Where can I get the graphic you are displaying as the CFF graphic does not seem to work for me


  3. I know of at least three people who specifically voted against Labour (rather than for National) at the recent election precisely because of this kind of legislation (and Judith Tizard-style arrogance).

    If National doesn’t watch out there will be the same kind of negative vote next time around.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Adam, I got the graphic here:

    I couldn’t get it to load either at first and think I got it by right clicking then saved it in my pictures and uploaded it from there.


  5. […] First because it’s bad law. David Farrar’s guest column at NZCPR  explains why and I linked to several blogs which have covered the issue on an earlier post. […]


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