When should she go?

Helen Clark is looking for other jobs, and who can blame her?

When you’ve been Prime Minister you’re not going to get the same job satisfaction when you’re demoted to former leader in Opposition.

So the question isn’t if she’s going but when?

Clark is an electorate MP rather than a list one so she’ll have electorate responsibilities.

But are the people of Mount Albert best served by a woman on her way out of politics who’s eyes and energy are firmly set on another job or a new MP who will be working hard to cement her/his place in the affections of her/his constituents?

Don Brash was criticised for staying on as an MP over the summer break after he’d stood down as National’s leader but a month or two to tie up loose ends is acceptable.

Much longer than that begins to look like seat-warming on the public purse.

Apropos of Mount Albert, list MP Phil Twyford appears to be the likely one to stand as Labour’s candidate in a by-election and Kiwkblog posts on the battle within Labour for the seat.

6 Responses to When should she go?

  1. Buggerlugs says:

    She’s only there at the moment to pay for her next skiing holiday so she can bugger off right now IMHO.


  2. When should she go?

    When KFC in Balmoral has a vacancy.


  3. Colin Lucas says:

    When should she go?
    Now. ASAP Forthwith, Immediateley.
    What depresses me is the quality of those who are pretenders to the seat.


  4. When should she go? She should immediately get a job as a stable hand, since she’s so qualified at shovelling muck. Hang on, that would mean real work and (as far as I know) Herr Helen has never had a real job: she’s only worked in universities & politics.

    I expect that her hands only get dirty when she’s butchering her opponents.

    Actually, she’s in line for a job at the UN, but she’s totally unqualified for it. What would she know about furthering democratic governance?



  5. pdm says:

    Given that she has only ever lived out of the public purse she will be very reluctant to leave such a sinecure.


  6. Colin Preston says:

    She has been nodding her head and sucking up to this useless organisation for years with this move in mind. The only negative about her going is that she will be replaced in Wellington by another waste of space. Go but don’t replace her would be my recommendation.


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