DOC accepts greenmail payment from Meridian – Updated

RadioNZ  National reports that the Department of Conservation accepted $175,000  from Meridian Energy in return for not opposing Meridian Energy’s Project Hayes windfarm in Central Otago.

Morning Report’s news quoted DOC’s Otago Conservator Jeff Connell saying it would have been inappropriate to oppose the project when the previous government supported it.

Excuse me?

A government department took $175,000 from a State Owned Enterprise for not doing something it felt would be inappropriate?

Isn’t accepting a greenmail payment at least as inappropriate especially when it is basing its view on political considerations not environmental ones?

UPDATE: The Morning Report story is now on-line here

2 Responses to DOC accepts greenmail payment from Meridian – Updated

  1. Oh those Helengrad years were certainly ones of honest government.
    Barnsley Bill has his brown manila envelope with cash ready to start farming kiwi and dolphin.
    We are sure Doc can be won over for a few quid.


  2. significanthazard says:

    In New Zealand where public money is involved, there are too many shonky deals left unanswered. Surely the new National Government is going to do something about the many unsavoury acts that were exposed while the election was on and the new ones that keep coming to light.

    Who is checking that ‘prudent steward ship’ is being exercised over our resources?
    Are complaints about an allegedly corrupt practice’ investigated vigorously?

    Penny Bright, judicially recognised ‘Public Watchdog,’ for some time, has been calling for a New Zealand “Independent” Commission against Corruption.” Unfortunately her call seems to be falling on deaf ears. My experience in local government tells me that such a body is well overdue.


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