Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be commercial – updated


Year by year the commercial hype around Valentine’s Day – and all the other days which have joined the calendar of celebrations – increases.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, you can show the one you love that you love him/her without spending a cent.

My farmer reckons it’s better to know you’re loved every day rather than have a fuss made of you just once a year – although given it’s also my birthday there may be some degree of self interest in his philosophy 🙂

Apropos of the day Quote Unquote displays a fractual Valentine, Monkeywithtypewriter has a history lesson, The Hand Mirror talks about the tempest   and the suckiness  , Bitsonthe side has uncovered a chocolate shrinkage  in sweets and if it’s Cactus Kate you’re trying to impress, don’t do it by text.


Anti-Dismal has found 20 reasons it’s okay to hate Valentines Day and reckons it’s better to just give money. While not averse to receiving money, giving love has greater value at no cost 🙂

Aussies put ETS on hold


The Australian government has put its Emissions Trading Scheme on hold.

A parliamentary committee has been asked to inquire into the effectiveness of emissions trading as a means to reduce carbon pollution.

How very sensible.

Whether or not the climate is changing there is no point inflicting an expensive exercise on people and businesses if it’s not going to reduce carbon pollution.

Hat Tip: Dear John

Where have all the flowers gone?


Not wanting to let accuracy get in the way of a headline with a musical allusion, I’ve asked the wrong question.

This isn’t a case of where have all the flowers gone, but why haven’t they come?

I planted the sweet pea seedlings at the end of November and they’re usually covered in blooms by early January, but here we are half way through February and there’s only a few flowers.


The seedlings did have a bit of a difficult start thanks to the rabbits, but they recovered once I covered them in bird netting. I removed the netting once they were established and the rabbits have left them alone, though it looks like they’re still nibbling the lobelia edging.

We’ve been away often, but I’ve neglected sweet peas in dry years in the past and they haven’t sulked so I don’t think lack of water is to blame.

Normally if I keep picking them they give me blooms well into May, but some of the plants are already beginning to look a wee bit past it before they’ve even started flowering.

So what have I done wrong and what should I do to ensure next year’s sweet peas bloom in profusion as they normally do?

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