Three Black Fridays

Today is the first of the three Black Fridays we’ll have this year.

Feel free to inundate me with black cats, force me to walk under ladders and spill salt if I’m wrong, but I think this is a fairly rare occurence which happens only when the 13th falls on a Friday in February and not in a leap year.

The days and dates in February, March and November match every year except leap year when March and November get pushed forward a day by Febraury 29th. February, like January, then leaps a day the following year to catch up.

April and July match days and dates (both start on Wednesday this year); so do September and December (both have Tuesday the 1st this year) and October and January also match up (the 1st falls on Thursday for both this year). The first day of every other month falls on a different day.

When February 13th falls on a Friday in leap year, August 13th is also a Friday.

Wikipedia explains the history of the date and explains there is no statistical evidence to back up fears of something amiss happening on Black Friday, in fact it might even be safer because people take more care.

That means you don’t have to touch wood today.

One Response to Three Black Fridays

  1. Julie says:

    I read a good book about all this last year, I think it was just called Thirteen, and I got it from the library so it might be reasonably easy to get.

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