What do you do when the evidence proves you wrong?

Mike Moore writes that the ability to change one’s mind is a virtue.

The great economist, Lord Keynes, was once challenged at a media event – they had the “gotcha” press even back then.

How, he was asked, could he justify his statement when just a few years ago he had said the opposite ? “When the evidence proves I’m wrong, I change my mind.

What do you do ?” he replied sweetly.

The rest of the colum would be instructional reading for the Greens because of its economic message and because they’re the only party in parliament that won’t accept the evidence about how bad the Electoral Finance Act was and will be voting against its repeal.

Until their blind support for the EFA I had thought the Greens were principled. Their attachment to that dog’s breakfast changed my mind and their refusal to support its repeal confirms I was right to do so.

Inquiring Mind  points out the Green’s disdain for democracy, Monkeywithtypewriter reminds us of exactly who was to blame for the Act and lists its faults; and Keeping Stock  celebrates the Act’s demise.

3 Responses to What do you do when the evidence proves you wrong?

  1. Inventory2 says:

    You’re obviously a good judge of character HP!! I watched Norman in the repeal debate, and although he admitted the Act was flawed, he didn’t see that as a reason to repeal it – what a pillock!

  2. Daedalus_x says:

    So what evidence has proven the EFA wrong?

    Or does the fact that Labour have turned against it constitute all the proof that is needed?

  3. homepaddock says:

    Daedaulus – The widespread confusion over what was and wasn’t covered by the Act, including that of the Electoral Commission which was supposed to administer it and said it was having a “chilling effect” on democracy for starters.

    Labour and its allies asked the wrong question and so got the wrong answer.

    Instead of trying to come up with clear and fair rules it aimed to handicap National and the result was a dog’s breakfast which hamstrung all parties, other groups and individuals too.

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