It’s the sheep’s turn

This time last year two-tooth ewes were selling for about $90 at best.

Similar animals went for $197 at a sale at Lorneville last week.

A year ago a good price for lambs was about $65 and now they’re going for $100.

It’s a reflection of supply and demand at work. Last year dairy conversions and drought resulted in the sale of a lot of capital stock, now sheep farmers are rebuilding their flocks.

It’s a very different picture for dairy cows which were selling for $2,500 last year and are now worth about $1,200.

Beef is showing a small increase on last year’s prices, up about 30c to $3.30 a kilo so a 270kg bullock which would have sold for about $810 last year would sell for about $890 now.

2 Responses to It’s the sheep’s turn

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    And about time, too.

  2. Matt Nolan says:

    The destocking in the UK and Ireland must have finally worked through – that (combined with drought induced slaughter in Aussie for the past few years) was part of the reason lamb prices stayed low, and its part of the reason why they are rising in the face of a global recession …

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