Child abuse no joking matter

The Brisbane Times calls it a sick joke from the father of the bride.

The television commercial, which airs tonight, shows the father of a bride making a humorous wedding speech. Halfway through the ad he says: “I remember the first words that I ever said to her after sex – ‘Don’t tell Mum.’ “

“If only it was this easy to get over child abuse,” says the voiceover, over the laughter heard in the background.


Pictures will almost always carry a stronger message than the words.

The message is a very serious one and I watched the video of the ad with horror because the seriousness of the words in the voiceover were contradicted not just by the father’s speech but by the pictures – the expressions on the face of his daughter and the laughter in the background suggest child abuse is a laughing matter.

It’s not just a sick joke, it’s a sick advertisement.

2 Responses to Child abuse no joking matter

  1. Pique Oil says:

    I looked at the video and it is obvious that this is deliberately designed to provoke.
    It will be successful in doing that, but in what direction the outrage is focused is yet to be decided.
    I get the feeling that this was designed by one of those “funky/edgy” creative geniuses. Similar to the Virgin in a condom or the Bill Henson “art”.
    Controversy will only draw attention away from the message and that will be the real tragedy.

  2. Julie Fairey says:

    I don’t think I can watch the video, but it sounds absolutely awful. As with the Lisa advert ALAC did it’s all well and good to be edgy, but if it is triggering for a lot of people then I think it does more harm than good 😦

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