Cattle herding all in day’s work for MP

While Paula Bennett created headlines  when she broke up a fight at a mall,  her colleague, Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean’s cattle mustering skills have gone unheralded but she recounts what happened in her latest newsletter:

Being an MP has its lighter moments as I discovered after stopping to check out what appeared to be a solitary steer emerging from the safety of a farmer’s driveway. I soon realised he was only the lookout. On his heels and equally intent on escaping to greener pastures were another 20 or so like-minded adolescents.

Fortunately my truck is bigger than most and proved up to the task of persuading the mob to retreat up the drive. After consultation with the farmer, a paddock opening off the driveway was chosen for their custodial detention while the truck, with doors open to reduce the size of the gap, was positioned part way down the drive as a deterrent should they decide to head that way.

For a brief moment I thought it might be all on but that was until the unsuspecting leader of the pack came face to face with the larger-than-life portrait on the truck door. With a look of horror he turned on his heels, taking the rest of the mob with him, and leaving me with the distinct impression that a term of imprisonment at the farmer’s pleasure was more palatable than a one-on-one encounter with a blown up likeness of the local MP.

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