Too much too soon

If there’s one thing more likely to stop me buying than the appearance of Christmas decorations before December  -first tinsel spotted in September last year 😦 – it’s the early appearance of Easter eggs and hot cross buns.

Easter Sunday isn’t until April 12th this year but I noticed Easter eggs in the supermarket in the middle of January and saw the first hot cross buns last week.

Once upon a time hot cross buns were a once a year treat which appeared just in time to be toasted on Good Friday and Easter eggs were similarly special to be eaten in moderation (one or maybe if we were very lucky, two) on Ester Sunday.

Those were the days when treats were restricted to Chirstmas, Easter and birthdays.  Now all there’s a whole lot of manufactured celebrations which merge into one big commercial mess from one excuse to buy, eat and drink to another, origins forgotten and devoid of meaning.

Last year I launched a one-woman protest when I saw the first foil covered eggs in the supermarket in January and the buns a few weeks later, with a pledge to neither eat nor buy any until Easter.

I’ve made the same vow this year: no spicey buns and chocolate and marshmallow confections will pass my lips until the appropriate time.

6 Responses to Too much too soon

  1. maws says:

    I do so agree with you Homepaddock.It really gets up my nose.Half the fun of all of these celebrations,are the anticipation of the goodies etc.and the stuffing of the said items in ones mouth over a short period of time.I also have intense grumpy moments over the xmas debacles.I hate early decorations.(mumble mumble).How can kids cope with these extended come and buy months?They must become sooo blase over the whole thing.(more mumbles).There,got it off my chest.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    Have to agree HP – the Hot Cross Buns were in the supermarkets up here as early as Sunday 4 January – absolutely ridiculous! Especially ridiculous when you consider the cost of butter as well, because you simply CAN’t have Hot Cross Buns with any of the butter/canola/margarine blends. I enjoy a little bun with my butter, and if I started eating them now, I’d look even more like Mr Blobby!!


  3. stef says:

    I’ve already broken down on the spicy buns but it could be far worse. Korea was far worse for manufactured holidays. They have taken to not only celebrating Valentines Day where the women give objects of affection something chocolately and flowery, there is ‘White day’ a month later where it is the male’s turn. Plus teacher’s day but the worst offender in terms of holidays has to go to peppero who commandeered armistice to push their pokey sticks.


  4. lucy says:

    A friend visited me today and she bought hotcross buns for us. Its only the 4 Feb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Ruaraidh says:

    I’ve been wondering for the last two years why you can buy hot cross buns all year round in Southern Africa – seriously, you buy them in August if you like.


  6. […] case you were wondering . . . . . . I did stick to my pledge  to resist hot cross buns and Easter eggs until […]


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