Piper bagged by noise control officer

Dunedin’s reputation as the Edinburgh of the south is under threat after a busking bagpiper  was silenced by a noise control officer.

There’s something wrong when people can disrupt the peace with noisy vehciles which endanger themselves and others night after night untroubled by the law, yet a lone piper with a busking licence and the permission of the shop outside which he stands is banished with the threat of the consfication of his $2500 pipes.

Robert Burns who sits in the Octagon not far from the street from which Simon McLean was banished might have said: the best played schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley. . .

Jim Mora  has just finished interviewing Simon about the ban – but he didn’t invite him to give us a tune.

3 Responses to Piper bagged by noise control officer

  1. artandmylife says:

    I was just down George street a few hours ago and there was a piper busking. I suppose it was the same guy. Most evenings in my neighbourhood you can hear a piper. I like it

  2. Clint Heine says:

    I loved hearing pipers in Dunedin. I miss them a lot, still one of my favourite instruments to listen to.

    I hope there is outrage about this in Dunedin and they back down quickly. Keep us informed please.

  3. Peter Robb says:

    I was enjoying listening to the Lone Piper in early February by the Scottish Shop with my German Guest Ms Maja Gille. The Television News team were filming and Maja Gille was interveiwed by the TV News Reporter [ There were cameras and a reporter I assume it was TV but could have been a newspaper?].She was easily led into giving a negative response about the the Lone Piper by the Reporter due to her misunderstanding of English. I had to intervene to remedy the response as Maja loved his music. I took pictures of this and submitted them to http://www.Zoominnz, but complaints to Zoomin.nz had them removed, given the explosive projection of Ms Gille into the local and international newspapers some days later.

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