Australia Day – Aussies do it better

There are many areas in which New Zealand can claim superiority over Australia but I’ll concede defeat in one area of trans-Tasman rivalry and that’s in the celebration of the national Day.

Australians win because they’ve got one and we haven’t and because they really do celebrate.

From the time we arrived on Thursday we were confronted with reminders that Australia Day was coming up: shop windows celebrated Australiana; yesterday lots of cars were festooned with flags; the Strand in Townsville was alive with people in a party mood last night and the news today is celebrating Australia and its people.

The day isn’t without controversy however. The Australian of the Year is Professor Mick Dodson who has called for Australia Day to be moved because most indigenous people regard the date as “invasion day”.

8 Responses to Australia Day – Aussies do it better

  1. Sam The Dog says:

    I agree. New Zealanders are pathetic when it comes to celebrating Australia Day.


  2. lucy says:

    I remember Australia day when I lived in Melbourne then in Western Australia. It was great fun I loved the enthusiastic way they celebrated the day especially when it fell on the actual day (26 Jan) it was lovely to see them celebrate MY Birthday so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Inventory2 says:

    Sky Sport is trying its best to make amends today, with a whole evening on one of the sport channels devoted to Australia 😉


  4. Stuart says:

    The one thing I like is the number of Citizenship ( or as one Queensland Polly called it Dewogging) Ceremonies that are held on this day. It has almost become part of the process to be become an Aussie on Aussie Day. What a great way to show your commitment to your new home and also what a great way to welcome new citizens.


  5. pdm says:

    Are you going around the world alphabetically this year HP – First Argentina followed by Australia – where next.

    By the way if the Strand Townsville is the area around the Cowboys League Club and Holiday Inn Hotel in Townsville it was pretty dingy and disappointing when I was there about 20 August last year. A lot of empty shops and it looked like the area was going backwards at a great rate. Has it been spruced up or is The Strand elsewhere in Townsville. By the way if you like a nice seafood meal `The Pier’restaurent is very good.


  6. truthseekernz says:

    It would help me enormously if I understood what they – or anyone else – are celebrating on their “national” day.

    Few people could describe to you what a “nation” is, never mind the “nation of Australia” (or NZ, for that matter).

    Sure, we all live here. Some of us even by choice. But a “nation”?

    Relax and breathe deeply. The propaganda-induced hysteria will pass.


  7. homepaddock says:

    PDM – round the world alphabetically sounds like fun, but our trips to Argentina & Australia were for weddings and we’re home again with no more overseas jaunts planned.

    TS – could it be celebreating the things which unite rather than divide?


  8. It would help me enormously if I understood what they – or anyone else – are celebrating on their “national” day.

    Truthseekser, more importantly, do we need a reason to celebrate?

    We’re Australian.

    It’s a holiday.

    What else matters? 😉


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