English Roast Beef for Burns night

Haggis is the usual star on the menu for Burns’ night but for those, who like me – in spite of tartan genes – haven’t acquired a taste for it here’s a recipe which might be more to your liking.

It’s from the Elliot clan and I found it in Clans Cook Book, favourite family recipes of Scotland’s clan chiefs  compiled by Wendy Jones, published Macdonald Publishers, Edinburgh 1981.

English Roast Beef

On a braw, bricht moonlit nicht, send several clansmen on hourseback over the border into Cumberland to select a suitable beast. It is more economical and saves wear and tear on both horses and clansmen if several beasts are collected on the same sortie.

Prepare as usual and invite to dinner any neighbouring Chief with whom you are not currently having a feud.

2 Responses to English Roast Beef for Burns night

  1. Haggis is good when they leave the kidney out!

  2. medusa says:

    For heaven sakes……….. Haggis , REAL haggis is to die for, when I lived in London, my best friend/neighbour (scottish) used to go ‘home’ every year and came back with a box full of a huge variety of scottish ‘puddings’ which included Haggis…….. they were to die for.
    REAL haggis is made with heart, lungs and liver, plus barley, onion NOT kidney sorry OB, you been fed a dud. Not forgetting the stomach to put all the goodies in. Many people have tried to reproduce Haggis here in NZ, but guess what? not a chance ……………. and rest assured I HAVE tried all the ‘promised haggis’ and it doesn’t come anywhere NEAR the REAL thing.

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