The new president

The USA has a new president and I doubt that any has faced greater expectations, than Barack Obama, the 44th man and first of African descent to hold that role.

He will be,  historian Robert Dallek says, not just making history, but building on it.



Obama succeeds George W. Bush whom history may judge more kindly than contemporary opninion which highlighted his shortcomings and gave him little credit for his ahievements, which included his leadership after the September 11 attacks.

 The immediate challenge Obama faces is not terrorism, it’s the economy. I wish him well because in spite of the high expectations of him, there are no miracles in politics.

UPDATE: The full text of his inaugural address is here.

One Response to The new president

  1. trackers says:

    He’s NOT my President! You have to be LEGAL to be President. You notice has he has been having BIDEN to the swearing in>
    WAKE up PEOPLE, What the HE– DID you do to the USA by putting this man in OFFICE. You are starting to find out what you did and it will only GET WORSE!
    Believe me.
    We have put in office an UNSURPER, LIAR, cheater, Racist,American Hater,GREED,and to top it off he is in the class with Peloski,Reid, RAHM who is blackmailing people.
    PEOPLE look up OBAMA’s AKA Barry Past look at the lawsuits going on right now. NO it has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! SO don’t even go there, start living in time and quit looking basck 50 years. USA is suppose to be about FREEDOM,Constituion Rights, and defending your COUNTRY! not POWER! TIMES are CHANGING don’t say we did not tell you so!


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