Kurow’s Hay family

Kurow is a wee town on the right side of the Waitaki River in both senses of the word ie the right bank and the Otago side of the river which separates the blue and gold province from the red and black of Canterbury.

It’s major claim to fame at the moment is that All Black captain Richie McCaw, who was brought up in the neighbouring Hakataramea Valley, played his first rugby there.

But every summer it’s also home to the Hay family:


4 Responses to Kurow’s Hay family

  1. scrubone says:

    Heh, hadn’t seen a picture of them for years. Nice to see that they’re still doing it.


  2. macdoctor01 says:

    So this is what farmers get up to in their spare time. Weird. 🙂


  3. homepaddock says:

    Scrubone – still doing it, with changes each year – and they feature on a postcard too.

    MacD – this is where all that time alone in paddocks can take you 🙂


  4. Michael Whiteside says:

    For a minute I thought it was a picture of the actual Hay family who lives nearby in Hakateamea Valley who also happen to be relatives of mine.


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