Nicolson not Nicholson

Cactus Kate  has challenged me to make sense of these musings  from Federated Farmers president Don Nicolson.

I’m working on that but have been side tracked by the by-line which says: By DON NICHOLSON – Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 18 January 2009 although they get it right with : Don Nicolson is the president of Federated Farmers at the end.

I’m very aware I’m throwing stones in a glasshouse because I don’t do details; like Pooh Bear’s friend Wol my spelling is wobbly; and that failing is aggravated because I type faster than I spell.

But I’m not a sub and one of the prime functions of subs is to stop basic errors, like the incorrect spelling of names, from getting published.

I probably wouldn’t have commented on it had it not been for a discussion on Journz  (an on-line chat group for journalists) about subs being laid off from papers and the work being done by people without local knowledge.

The print edition gets Nicolson’s name right in the by-line and at the end. Does this mean that it’s a typo that got corrected for the paper but not for the website or that it was correct but changed in error for the on-line copy? And If so why doesn’t the same copy go to the print and on-line editions?

P.S. I’ve checked my spelling for this but should you find a mistake feel free to embarrass me with it.

3 Responses to Nicolson not Nicholson

  1. JC says:

    I had a look at what Nicolson wrote.. poor bugger spent most of his time trying to fit his narrative to his Wonderland analogy.

    It’s a pity because a few sentences there could have been used in another article to look at our miserable export performance in general, and why farmers do it better.


  2. Bruno says:

    Contrast this piece with the recent The Press feature on the rural/urban “disconnection” as Nicolson termed it. In that story he comes across far better: more reasoned and looking for fewer soundbites, while getting the same points across. I suspect this convoluted piece has been penned by the Feds p.r. man, rather than by Nicolson himself.

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