John Mortimer 21.4.23 – 16.1.09

Rumpole of the Bailey graced television screens when I was a student with better things to do than watch the small screen so my delight in Rumpole is relatively recent and comes not from TV but through John Mortimer’s books.

I was very sad to read that Rumpole has made his last speech for the defence because the author died yesterday.

For more on Mortimer see: Valerie Grove  in The Times; and Matt Schudel in The LA Times;

Hat Tip: Inquiring Mind

2 Responses to John Mortimer 21.4.23 – 16.1.09

  1. I quite enjoyed Paradise Postoned , including its tv adaptation.


  2. pdm says:

    HP I think Judge John Deed is the modern equivalent of Rumpole.

    Luckily I am old enough to have enjoyed both TV series but must confess to not reading any Mortimer books that I can recall. Perhaps I should have a look in the library.


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