John Mortimer 21.4.23 – 16.1.09


Rumpole of the Bailey graced television screens when I was a student with better things to do than watch the small screen so my delight in Rumpole is relatively recent and comes not from TV but through John Mortimer’s books.

I was very sad to read that Rumpole has made his last speech for the defence because the author died yesterday.

For more on Mortimer see: Valerie Grove  in The Times; and Matt Schudel in The LA Times;

Hat Tip: Inquiring Mind

You can still trust people


The Rotary Club of Wanaka’s second hand book sale started on Thursday.

They set up on Wednesday and left the books, covered with old sheets, sitting in the back of a mall with no security.

It’s great that level of trust still exists  and even better that it wasn’t absued.

These sales are good for buying travelling books – the sort you can read with half a mind and abandon.

A friend buys paperbacks and tears out pages as she reads them to lighten her luggage. My Presbyterian upbringing and respect for books won’t let me do that but I don’t mind leaving books I’ll never read again for other travellers.

The Rotary sales are also good for out-of print print books and I picked up Peters Pence, the story of an attempt to kidnap a Pope, by Jon Cleary; Snow Tiger, set in New Zealand about a trial in the wake of an avalanche, by Desmond Bagley; and a who-done-it, Mangrove Murder, by Mary Scott and Joyce West.

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