Immigration NZ tightens criteria for dairy workers

Immigration NZ has tightened the criteria for migrants seeking work on dairy farms, requiring at least two years relevant work experience.

This is a response to the incresing number of dairy workers from the Phillipines and is a ploy to protect jobs for New Zealanders. That might be okay if there were locals willing and able to work on dairy farms but the rapid expansion in the industry has led to a shortage of good staff.

Note the word good – because any worker is not necessarily suitable and most employers would put the right attitude before experience when seeking staff.

Besides work on overseas farms may be so different from ours that “relevant” work experience it isn’t much use anyway.

5 Responses to Immigration NZ tightens criteria for dairy workers

  1. dutchie down south says:

    Were do I start ?, a simulair situation here., we are in an industry for which there is no training and no history in New Zealand and therefore it is impossible to find experienced staff….but the big problem is we don’t fit into any catagory what so ever to recruit seasonal workers because for us it is not an issue to find labourers but to find trained specialists..


  2. Rob Hosking says:

    Best unsuitable dairy worker story I heard was from friends who were farming down in south Canterbury (they’ve since sold up).

    Whenever they advertised they’d get inundated with queries from highly unsuitable people who bascially just wanted the accomodation which came with the job and weren’t too interested in the work.

    One couple turned up, expressed enthusiasm about the work, until the wife said ‘Oh, I don’t like big animals. Or dogs.’


  3. homepaddock says:

    Rob – there are enough best unsiutable dairy worker stories for several posts, and to be fair there are also some about unsuitable employers.


  4. Truth Seeker says:

    There are a few unsuitable employer stories I’ve heard from the Manawatu. The young men I knew doing dairy farm work had to work punishly long hours for up to 14 days on the trot. They all saw their relationships with partners fall apart.

    No wonder no one wants to do the work. It’s no mystery to me why Kiwis don’t want those jobs.


  5. homepaddock says:

    TS – there’s no excuse for being a bad employer and they deserve the problems they get with their workers, but good ones are also finding it difficult to recruit staff for dairy farms.


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