Which do you believe?


Conspiracy theorists who think newspapers are overly influenced by advertisers might be relieved by evidence to the contrary in today’s Sunday Star Times.

The front page lead is a doom and gloom story headlined Top holiday house prices in freefall which contrasts markedly with an advertising feature in the property section talking up real estate on Waiheke Island.

And which carries more weight – the news story by Jenni McManus or the property ad?

How long should a gas cylinder last?


The bloke at the garage wouldn’t refill the gas cylinder for our barbeque because it was more than 10 years past its test date.

We could have sent it away to be tested but that would have cost a similar amount to the new one – $60 – and we had steak waiting to be cooked. 

So we bought  a new one even though there was only one available and  its test date was 01-08 which means we’ll get only nine years and not 10 out of it.

I wonder:

1) What is the safe life span of a gas cylinder?

2) How many people send them to be retested after 10 years?

3) How many of those are found to be safe?

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