Too much water dilutes flavour?

Almost every area has produce of which it can be proud and one of North Otago’s culinary treasures is its new potatoes.

There is a happy mix of climate and soils which produces potatoes with a distinct and delicious taste.

So good are they that others have tried to trade on their reputation.

A couple of years ago a Kakanui grower saw boxes purporting to contain North Otago new potatoes while visiting Nelson in October. Knowing his own crop was still some weeks away from harvest he did a little detective work and discovered they weren’t North Otago potatoes but Nelson ones pretending to be their superior southern cousins.

When the first new potatoes of the season appear in the supermarket we resist them. Knowing they come from further north and never measure up to those grown in North Otago we wait to enjoy the local ones.

This season, however, I reluctantly admit that the Kakanui and Totara spuds didn’t live up to my expectations.

In light of the discussion by JC and Fran O’Sullivan four posts back  about too much water diluting the flavour of tomatoes, I wonder if that applies to potatoes too because the one major difference in the production of this season’s crop and those of previous years is irrigation.

2 Responses to Too much water dilutes flavour?

  1. JC says:

    With tomatoes, a little bit of reading probably explains the loss of taste. They are selected for a thick skin to withstand bumps from picking, packing and transport. .picked unripe to counter delays in transport etc.
    Then the ripening process can be incomplete due to shifting from a warm growing place to a colder one.. add in artificial ripening to get them all nice and red at the same time, and you have to lose something. They might look good in the supermarket, but the process invites blandness.

    Then, of course, my handed down recipes were developed with *homegrown* fruit.



  2. homepaddock says:

    JC: appearance is more important than taste – that could be a metaphor for modern life.


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