Chocolate therapy

If you’re suffering from PHAtS (Post Holiday Addiction to Sugar) there is medicine available:

Murray Langham says lots of people feel guilty about eating chocolate and has produced a self-help CD to address this problem.

Langham is the co-owner of chocolate factory and shop “Schoc” says he is only referring to expensive chocolate – the cheap stuff has too much sugar.

“Good choc has the phenyl’s that make you feel good, they make you feel happy,” says Langham.

The same chemicals are released when you have feelings of love according to the “chocologist”.

Langham believes that any weight gain is the product of latent guilt surrounding the eating of chocolate.

“If you are satisfied and eat with ecstatic rapture in your food then you’ll feel a lot fuller quicker and your body will be satisfied so you don’t need to snack.”

. . .  The self-professed chocolate therapist says there is a proper way to taste chocolate.

“If you take a piece of chocolate, break it in half because you don’t want it too big. Now just put it in your mouth and let it sit for a bit,” he says.

After a while you can bite and try to decipher some of the 6000 tastes that make up each chocolate.



Schoc is one of the Wairarapa’s culinary attractions and it offers on-line help  for those who need a chocolate fix but can’t get there in person.

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