Double-Decker bus for sale

If you have a spare $50 to $55,000 and a penchant for double decker buses, former Waitaki mayor Alan McLay has a deal for you.

The double-decker Bristol he’s owned for seven years is on the market.

He’s used it for transporting community groups and private parties around the district one of which was our staff Christmas party a few years ago. That I’ve refused to go on another such tour is a reflection on the behaviour of some of the passengers on that trip and not on the bus or its very capable driver.

Sally Rae has the story of the bus in the ODT  (from where I copied this photo):

Alan McLay says his double-decker bus was good for public relations while he was mayor. Photo by Sally Rae.

22 Responses to Double-Decker bus for sale

  1. Anny Lefebvre says:

    We are looking to buy a double-deckers bus!
    How can I be in contact with Alan McLay??

    Anny Lefebvre


  2. Roberto Picca says:

    hi, we are looking to buy used double-deckers bus

    can I be contacte by someone ??

    thanks Roberto


  3. Noel says:

    can you call me on 0404562919 sydney australia, lm intrested in your double decker bus for sale.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Anny, Roberto & Noel – I’ve emailed Alan telling him of your interest.


  5. Dyson pav says:

    interested in your please phone 0427849445


  6. Ewa says:

    Hi Sally
    If the offer is still on the market please email me with some details. I would like to purchase 4 buses



  7. monica says:

    is the bus still on the marker? i am very interested thanks


  8. Marek Vojcarcik says:

    im very interested about prizes of Double dekers….can u send me some offer.I am serious.Can You make some bussines???


  9. Gerald Walker says:

    I used to drive this bus back in Cumbria in the 1980s Alan let me drive it whilst on a visit to Oamaru in March 2007. Can you get Alan to email me and bring me up to date with the buse’s history.


  10. Natalie Adams says:

    Hello. I am very interested in buying a double decker bus of this vintage. Is the bus still on the market?


  11. homepaddock says:

    Natalie – yes, I’ll forward your email to Allan.


  12. hello do you have any old red London style buses for sale if so call, ex English pat in need of home surroundings, thanks .
    607 331 3611


  13. Sammy B says:

    I’m selling a British 1952 leyland double decker red bus converted into a mobile home here in Tasmania,anyone seriously interested? write to


  14. Michelle Nichol says:

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a red double decker bus and would be interesrted in contacting the persons who may have one for sale. Are you able to give me a contact number.




  15. homepaddock says:

    Michelle,look up A. McLay in the white pages for Oamaru. If you can’t do that do you want me to pass your email address on to him?


  16. Bridget says:

    We are on the lookout for a double decker bus too.
    If anyone knows of one for sale, please give them our number 02 65775655 or 0428 304316
    an email will be fine too thank you Ele.


  17. Ed Wagner says:

    I have a double decker bus in NH that I would like to sell, I can be reached at 352-208-5502. Thank you, Ed


  18. thurma says:

    is this bus still for sale


  19. homepaddock says:

    I think it’s still for sale, Thurma.


  20. clarissa warden says:

    Hi there does Alan have a email address I could contact him on please.thanks


  21. Anthony Holliday says:

    Hi, I have been trying to get in contact with Alan in regards to this bus, I believe he still has it. I am in Dunedin, how can I contact him?


  22. homepaddock says:

    I’ll email him your email address.


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