Double-Decker bus for sale


If you have a spare $50 to $55,000 and a penchant for double decker buses, former Waitaki mayor Alan McLay has a deal for you.

The double-decker Bristol he’s owned for seven years is on the market.

He’s used it for transporting community groups and private parties around the district one of which was our staff Christmas party a few years ago. That I’ve refused to go on another such tour is a reflection on the behaviour of some of the passengers on that trip and not on the bus or its very capable driver.

Sally Rae has the story of the bus in the ODT  (from where I copied this photo):

Alan McLay says his double-decker bus was good for public relations while he was mayor. Photo by Sally Rae.

Raspberry jam


Hot summer days may not lend themselves to domestic pursuits but the results of jam making are worth it.


I use Alison Holst’s recipe:

500g raspberries & 500g sugar.

Bring raspsberries to boil in large pan.

Add sugar immediately and stir over moderate heat until the sugar dissolves.

(The recipe says to put on rubber gloves and beat to break up the fruit but I never do that).

Let jam boil briskly for 3 minutes then turn off heat.

(The recipe says to beat several times over the next 5 mintues but I’ve never done that either).

Pour in to hot jars and seal.

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