Electronic transactions down


The value of electronic transactions was 2.8%  lower in November than in October.

It was the largest monthly drop since records began in October 2002 and was mainly a result of a fall in the price of fuel.

That could mean people had more money to spend on other things but anecdotal reports from retailers suggest that the volume and value of sales is down.

Although things may not yet be as desperate as this:


12th day


It’s the 12th day after Christmas when you’re supposed to take down all the festive decorations to ensure good luck for the coming year.

I’m not superstitious and usually have had enough of pine needles dropping from the tree before January 5th so generally clear the tree and other signs of Christmas away before now.

We left the country half way through December and hadn’t bothered with a tree or other decorations so the post-Christmas clean-up was simply a matter of scooping up the cards.


Cherries ripe


The sour taste left by the unripe unripe stone fruit I posted on yesterday has been vanquished by delicious cherries from Totara Lowlands.


They taste sun-ripened and are sweet and juicy.

Totara Lowlands is 400 metres off State Highway 1 about three kilometres north of the Brydone memorial and Totara Estate, and a couple of kilometres south of the war memorial at Alma.

They also grow and sell hazelnuts – whole, shelled raw and roasted – a variety of nut and cherry products (made on-site) and a range of good quality gifts.


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