Picnic at Elephant Rocks


Elephant Rocks, a few kilometres south eastish of Duntroon,  was the setting for the battle scenes in Chronicles of Narnia, it’s also part of the Vanished World trail and today provided the perfect place for a sunny Sunday picnic.


This shouldn’t be news


It should always have been policy.

Some of the country’s worst criminals will no longer be appearing before the Parole board instead, they will get their own hearing at the Extended Parole Board.

It is an effort to save time and better scrutinise dangerous prisoners.

It will be smaller board with three judges, three lay members and a psychiatrist.

Parole Board spokesman Alistair Spealing hopes the move will better protect the community.

This move is especially welcome in the wake of this story about a convicted rapist and killer about to be released from prison who stabbed a cell mate.

It needed pruning anyway



False advertising


We stopped at Roxburgh for fruit on the way home from Millers Flat yesterday but sadly it didn’t live up to the promises on the boxes.



The peaches are only just ripening, the nectarines and apricots are rock hard  and none of the fruit is tasty, yummy or sweet.

It’s particularly disappointing because for the last two weeks we’ve been enjoying stone fruit in Argentina which looked good and tasted even better – sweet and juicy just as it should be.

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