Country smells offend town noses

There’s a bit of a stench in the Morrinsville area and more than160 people will lose their jobs because of it.

Environment Waikato has ordered NZ Mushrooms to close its composting operation because it can’t comply with requirements to reduce the smell.

If someone wanted to compost chicken manure next door to established homes the residents would have a strong case for complaint.

But the business was there first so my sympathy is with it.

A lot of agricultural and horticultural operations are noisy and smelly which is why they take place away from residential areas. However, development of lifestyle blocks brings people to the country and can lead to a clash between rural businesses and the idyllic expectations of former urban dwellers.

It appears that in this case the regional plan is on the side of the new lifestyle block owners rather than the established business.

The story doesn’t explain why the composting operation doesn’t relocate but if it can be forced to close in one place perhaps it’s not willing to risk having to move again should lifestyle blocks develop in its new location.

And that is the major concern because of  an established business can be closed because of the clash between it and new neighbours in the Matamata-Piako District it could happen anywhere else.

Hat Tip goNZo Freakpower

4 Responses to Country smells offend town noses

  1. dutchie down south says:

    Sounds o so familiar……I hope that a big change in the RMA solves those problems for ever..although I haven’t followed this case in dept it sounds ridiculios that a long established company can be forced on their knees by some sandal wearing, tree hugging townies who want to protect the clean air of the countryside and are doing so by casting a dictatorial mandate over all of agricultural developement.


  2. Paul says:

    It also reminds me of people who move near to an airport and complain about the noise, or those who move into city apartments and complain about the noise from the night life.


  3. Stuart says:

    Do you remember the story of the cow cockie with two properties one at each end of a village in the Selwyn District. The council wanted him to wash the road after moving his herd between properties as the Life Stylers were upset by the smell. Court cases and lots of lolly for the lawyers ensued It is the country for Pete’s Sake


  4. Pique Oil says:

    Ken Keysey wrotw a book called Sailor song. The hero, “The Bakatcha Bandit” was famous for loading his topdressing plane with sewage and spraying the crowd at the county fair.
    These so called lifestylers need a similar reality check. They are like the immigrants that come to this country and attempt to impose their cultural identity.
    A very old saying is, When in Rome do as the Romans do, but in this age of entitlement we appear to have forgotten those simple homilies.


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