Goers and stayers

I read with regret what seemed to be the last post for NZBC – It’s goodnight from him and goodbye from me.

But I’m delighted that my interpretation of that post was wrong.  NZBC has more than one contributer, so the blog is continuing  and Stephen Stratford who wrote the goodbye post has started a blog of his own – Quote Unquote.

I wasn’t alone in thinking NZBC was going, Not PC did too and wrote a post (since updated to explain it’s staying) in which he opines on why some bloggers persist and others don’t.

If you don’t have a selfish reason for blogging, then you ain’t gonna sustain the time and effort required.  It’s not primarily about having hundreds of readers –- although that’s great if you can pull that off — it’s about having to say something and maintaining a forum in which to say it.

Over at Something Should Go Here, Scrubone is mulling over blog rankings and the possible manipulation of stats.

Everyone has different reasons for blogging and while a high ranking may be flattering, it’s irrelevant unless you’re trying to make money from advertising.

Some blogs are boutiques, some are department stores, some are warehouses, some go for quality, some go for quantity, a few manage both and which is which is subjective.

Those that endure are more likely to be the ones where the blogger enjoys it and while visitors and comments are part of the fun, the stats are only one measure of success.

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