18 mls

North Otago, at least our patch of it, got an early Chirstmas present last night – 18mls of rain.

That follows the 6 mls which fell on Monday to give us, in old money, an inch for the week so we’ve already doubled the 12 mls we got for the whole of November with a nearly three weeks of this month to go.

2 Responses to 18 mls

  1. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    . As you know,HP, here in Southland we got about an about an inch on Monday . I was talking to a friend of mine at a store cattle sale yesterday and he said the rain was like ‘money in the bank which will benefit the whole community’ . That is so true of course even if returns will be limited by the ability of overseas customers to pay in the present global financial climate. Another drought would just exacerbate the financial pain. So for the dry land farmers and the whole community of North Otago I hope and pray you get some further rain to enable some conservation of both stock feed and finances.

  2. Pardon me nit-picking, but 18+6 is 1 ml short of an inch 🙂

    I am teasing you, but what I say is true.


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