Environmental decision-making not evidence based

An interesting admission from DOC’s BIM

66. Unlike economic and social policy, environmental decision-making in New Zealand is not well supported by a strong evidence base.

In particular, we lack the integrated environmental and economic information needed to systematically assess the effects of policy on resource efficiency, the environment, economic activity and productivity.

This makes it difficult to demonstrate New Zealand’s environmental sustainability at a national or sectoral level.

To support good decision-making, we need to strengthen the existing environmental-economic accounts and other related data, and build capability across government to use that information.

The evidence base should be a key component of the official statistics system, shared across government, and focused on the current and future priorities for New Zealand.

This would support farmers’ views that policies and decisions on pastoral leases including tenure review, land use and amenity values are based on emotion and politics rather than evidence.

One Response to Environmental decision-making not evidence based

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    For the last nine years they were based on the PM’s propensity to skip and gambol hand in hand with her housemate through alpine glens and vales, far from the madding crowd. One hopes they were clothed.


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