Irish pork contaminated

Ireland has issued an international warning after Irish pork was found to be contaminated by high levels of dioxins.

The government’s departments of health and agriculture jointly called for the recall or destruction of all Irish pork produced since September first after discovering potentially dangerous dioxins in pigs and pig feed at 80 to 200 times the safety limit.

Dioxins, which are naturally occurring and can enter an animal’s system through its food or environment, accumulate in the pig’s fat and if ingested by humans in sufficient volume and time period, have been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

2 Responses to Irish pork contaminated

  1. dutchie down south says:

    Just listening to the Dutch radio via the net, and they said that the source is a stockfeed company which supplied approx 15 pigfarmers.
    The Irish goverment didn’t know that the meat was conteminated until they were informed by the the Dutch M.A.F., however the levels seem to be so low that there is only a health risk by long term consumption.


  2. bobux says:

    Thanks dutchie.

    Those details haven’t made it into the NZ media coverage of the event yet.

    The obvious next question is ‘How the hell did the dioxin get into the stockfeed?” As far as I know it is normally just milled grain with some cheap protein added, such as low-grade milk powder, bone or fish meal etc. And where else is the dioxin going to turn up?


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