Triple tagged

I thought I’d been tagged twice but I was actually triple tagged and somehow overlooked the third tag which came from  goNZofreakpower .

(In my defence, WordPress has a malfunction with its links and any blog which has Homepaddock in its blogroll or gets one of my posts in its automatically generated possibly related posts turns up as a link so I can’t tell a genuine link and a random one).

Still, now I’ve caught up with the tag I’m  supposed to link to the person who tagged me, post the rules, share seven random or weird facts about myself and tag seven random people at the end of the post with their links.

Since I did that here  I’m not going to repeat it, not least because I don’t have the imagination or life experience to match the random facts which goNZo came up with 🙂         

One Response to Triple tagged

  1. Heh. You are forgiven!


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