They should have told us

The ODT editorial is headlined Fiscal Irresponsibility:

If it is true that there may be a $1 billion “hole” needing to be filled by the new Government, and the Clark Cabinet decided not to tell anyone about it, then it is obvious Labour is back to its deceptive tricks. . .

It may well be that on a strictly legal basis former ministers are not obliged to warn their replacements in a new administration of major unfunded problems, and it may be very amusing for a losing administration to chortle at the resulting political and policy fall-out, but it is entirely against the spirit of good government and the intent of the “no surprises” Fiscal Responsibility Act.

And that was before the second ACC blowout of a $1.3billion shortfall in the earners account was discovered.

Labour spent a lot of the election campaign warning about National’s secret agenda, but the secrets were Labour’s. They’ve sabotaged the incoming government and we’ll all be hurt by the fallout.

One Response to They should have told us

  1. Rod says:

    Good Lord, I’ve just checked out the ACC Board – that Wayne Butson union fellow they have appointed, for example, wouldn’t have a clue about running a large finance come insurance company like ACC. I knew him long ago early in his union career. He is obviously just there as a reward for services to Labour. No wonder there are severe problems there.

    My word, JK and team have their work cut out putting this situation to rights. I knew it was not good, but the emerging facts are turning into a shocker. This is a serious challenge for JK, no matter how capable he may be.

    Frankly, I don’t see how he can win the next election with all these chickens coming home to roost in his time, unless he takes a much more radical approach than he has been prepared to show so far. The mess has to be cleaned up with a very firm and decisive strategy within the next few months so he can make his mark with some much more innovative strategies than Treasury’s stale briefing to the incoming government has to offer. Three years is not a long time – rather like steering a super tanker, it takes a very long time for any changes of direction in Government to have a noticeable effect.


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