Slogan not logo the problem

My email to the Electoral Commission asking why Rodney Hide’s jacket with an Act logo breached the Electoral Finance Act when Metiria Turei’s bathing suit with a Green Party logo didn’t (three posts back) got the following response:

The decision related to the election slogan on the jacket – not the logo.

I emailed back asking if a decision had been made on logos, I’ll let you know when I get an answer.

UPDATE: Just got an email saying:

There has not been a published decision on logos

 I replied asking if that meant there had been an unpublished decision and if so when it would be published.


6 Responses to Slogan not logo the problem

  1. Madeleine says:

    So the swimsuit passes but I wonder if the slogan on the Espom candidate’s T-Shirt that I identified will?


  2. lucy says:

    What was the slogan? I thought it was just a logo


  3. lucy says:

    I mean on Rodneys jacket


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  6. […] is in breach. But a logo with a slogan in Rodney Hides jacket was in breach of the Act. Indeed as Homepaddock has been advised there has not been a decision on a party […]


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