Whose problem is it?

Phil Goff was crying crocodile tears on Breakfast  this morning over the New Zealanders stranded by the occupation of Bagkok airport and saying he’d ahve been happy to give John Key the benefit of his advice.

He didn’t, however, admit that he was the minister responsible when both the Air Force’s Boeing 737 passenger planes were sent for maintenance at the same time which restricts the government’s options.

Nor did he explain just why getting people out of Thailand was the government’s responsibility anyway.

There didn’t appear to be any risk to life so why wasn’t up to the people themselves, the airlines which were to fly them out, their travel agents and/or insurance companies?

It’s not as if Thailand is an island. Cactus Kate  helpfully provides a map for the geographically challenged.

As it turns out it seems the occupation is over and the Hercules the government planned to send since the Boeings weren’t available won’t be needed anyway.

Update: Ex-expat  thinks it’s a beat up and offers some travel advice.

Inquiring Mind  thinks the’crisis’ is a media fiction.

And Annie Fox  reckons socialism has sapped Kiwi initiative and Whale Oil  expresses a similar view.

2 Responses to Whose problem is it?

  1. stef says:

    Airforce has 757s not 737s.

    I think the whole thing is a beat-up. Anyone with any knowledge of Asian politics knows that every few years there’s some sort of unrest in Thailand and the rest of the country just works around it. This isn’t exactly the fall of Saigon and I could think of far worse places to be stuck in the world right now, like Mumbai.


  2. macdoctor01 says:

    I see Phil Goff is still a patronising prat. Gives us a true sense of constancy to know that Labour has not found humility yet.


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