Situation Vacant

A once in a life time opportunity exists for a special person in an owner-operated rural business.


This is an exciting and challenging position which requires an energetic person of outstanding character and exceptional ability.


The job calls for someone who can work unsupervised, follow instructions – explicit and implicit – displays initiative and has a creative approach to problem solving.


Applicants must be hard working, determined and physically fit. The position requires someone with high level decision making and negotiating skills and the ability to think outside the square. First rate communication skills are essential and while a second language is not necessary, the successful applicant will need to be conversant with dog. The ability to read minds – human and animal – would also be an advantage.


A current licence for all classes of vehicles and a clean driving record are necessary and experience at operating a variety of implements would be an asset. Applicants who own their own  car, truck, tractor and/or  motor bike will be considered first.


Computer literacy and advanced key board skills are essential and experience in office management and accountancy is desirable.


The ideal person for this job will be flexible, adaptable, unflappable, level headed, experienced at multi-tasking, with proven ability in crises management.


The requirement for previous experience in relevant work could be waived for applicants with the ability to earn a significant supplementary income in such fields as medicine, accountancy,  nursing, teaching or veterinary science. In such case extensive on the job training will be provided as part of the employment package.


Remuneration is output dependent and subject to external factors including climate and market variables. However, the successful applicant will be eligible for promotion to full partnership and a variety of fringe benefits which will be explained fully at the interview.


Applications should be made in writing, accompanied by curriculum vitae, references, relevant vehicle ownership papers and a recent photograph and addressed to “Farmer’s Wife, 2 R.D. Bachelor Road, Singleton.

2 Responses to Situation Vacant

  1. Cactus Kate says:

    Are you looking for a PA or another husband?

  2. homepaddock says:

    Cactus: I follow the one at a time rule for husbands.

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