Wedding Song

This Friday’s poem was chosen because as the earlier post tells, today friends are being married and it will be the first of five weddings we’re attending in three different countries over the next couple of months.

Wedding Song by Jenny Bornholdt is from My Heart Goes Swimming edited by Jenny Bornholdt and Gregory O’Brien, published by Godwit.

Wedding Song


Now you are married

Try to love the world

As much as you love

Each other. Greet it as your husband,

Wife. Love it with all your

Might as you sleep

Breathing against its back.


Love the world, when late at night,

You come home to find snails

Stuck to the side of the house

Like decoration.


Love your neighbours.

The red berries on their trampoline

Their green wheelbarrow.


Love the man walking on

Water, the man up a

mast. Love the light moving

across the Island Princess.


Love your grandmother when she tells you

Her hair is three-quarters ‘café au lait’.


Try to love the world, even when you discover

there is no such thing as The Author

any more.


Love the world, praise

God, even, when your aerobics instructor

is silent.


Try very hard to love

your mailman, even though her regularly

delivers you Benidicto Clemente’s mail.


Love the weta you find on the path,

injured  by alteration.


Love the tired men, the burnt

house, the handlebars of light

on the ceiling.


Love the man on the bus who says

it all amounts to a fishing rod

or a lightbulb.


Love the world of the garden.

The keyhole of bright green grass

Where the stubborn palm

used to be,

bees so drunk on ginger flowers

that they think the hose water

is rain   your hair tangled in



Love the way,

when you come inside,

insects find their way out

from the temporary rooms of

your clothes.


– Jenny Bornholdt –

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