Surviving tractor accidents

Pique Oil left a comment on an earlier post about seatbelts in tractors saying:

I work in the OSH industry and one of the most frustrating things is seeing a seatbelt done up to activate the sensor, but operators sit on top of it.
Here is a youtube link that shows a forklift fatality. Not gory at all but a seatbelt would have stopped him being thrown out the back and crushed to death.
seatbelts save lives. Anyone who thinks that they are a nuisance or inconvenient or Fred would have died if he had worn his etc. etc. should ask themselves whether their widow would have preferred they wore a seatbelt.

I agree, my earlier post wasn’t arguing seatbelts shouldn’t be worn, it was to say it’s difficult to convince people to use them (and other safety equipment).

The photo below is a tractor after it rolled five times and finished on its wheels, facing the opposite direction from which it had started.

It had a seatbelt but the driver wasn’t wearing it. At one stage he remembers his legs going outside the cab and thought “this is how people die”. We think he then hauled himself back in by the steering wheel.

He ended up with a bad gash in the head (possibly done by fire extinguisher which hadn’t been secured) and fractured five pedicles on his spine. He’s made a full recovery but could very easily have died.



Farmer Baby Boomer also left a comment on the earlier post:

Was listening to newstalkzb’s Danny Watson discussing this yesterday. A guy rang up and talked about ’springbelt’ – a belt for tractors which is in the way unless you do it up. He claimed it is positioned so that it is quick and easy to do up.
It is on the web at
May be interesting to get on a trial see if it is convenient or just adds frustration to the ” in and out of the cab ” type jobs you mentioned.

If it works that could be the answer because no matter how often people are warned of the dangers, it’s too easy when you’re busy and not aware of any dangers, to ignore simple precautions.

4 Responses to Surviving tractor accidents

  1. While tractor seatbelts are a perfect world policy, practicalities of use and enforcement make the issue largely redundant. This is one reason why roll bars on tractors were first introduced. The more preventable deaths were removed, whilst structural compliance made it difficult to ignore.


  2. rayinnz says:

    Trouble is that when you are driving a tractor and feeding stock ( which is every day during the winter/ spring) the driver has to get on and off the tractor really really quickly every time he/she drives into a paddock filled with hungry stock
    This is a real pain with out having to fiddle around with safety belts
    Solve this problem and belts will be worn!


  3. dutchie down south says:

    indeed Rayinnz, on other issue for us as horticultural operators is the use of seatbelts on forklifts. Our drivers are up on off those machines all the time, I would say every 5 minutes or so… and although the forklifts are equiped with seatbelts wearing them, and by saying that I mean putting them on and off all the time, would drive you bonkers after half a day…. so I say the same….solve the fiddling problem and belts will be worn.


  4. Springbelt Solves the “fiddly bit”
    And see it


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