‘opkins goes t’ Coro street

‘Ee bia gum, young Jim ‘opkins ‘as gone down t’ Coronation Street an’ come up wi’ summat clever:

Hayley: Aye, and we’d be clean out of green by the time we arrived.’Ave you not been watching the news, our Roy? They’ve just slapped a 10 per cent surcharge on all flights to New Zealand.

Roy: Is that in retaliation for the ‘aka?

Hayley: I don’t know. But I do know it spells disaster for the tourism industry in that recession-plagued land.

Roy: I shouldn’t think so, luv. They’re pretty resourceful in them parts. My guess is they’ll cum up with summat clever, like a

$250 discount voucher for bungee jumps and such.

The ODT  also looks at the British flight tax:

Suspicion that the British tax is simply a healthy revenue earner for Mr Brown’s government is supported by the absence of much acknowledgement or incentive that some airlines are themselves doing a great deal to reduce carbon emissions. . .

Call me cynical if you will but a tax which isn’t about revenue gathering is oxymoronic.

2 Responses to ‘opkins goes t’ Coro street

  1. dutchie down south says:

    How do you dare homepaddock, taking the mickey out of good ole Coro… for a diehard Coro fanatic like me this pure blasphemy……although the mental picture of our Roy bouncing up and down a bungee cord with his faithfull shopping bag still attached made me snigger early on this beautiful morning here in the deep, deep south…

    And forget the All Blacks,…wouldn’t it be appropriate if Roy and ‘ayley were welcomed with a haka at Queenstown International airport, the through heros they are ??


  2. homepaddock says:

    Dutchie – strictly speaking it’s Jim taking the Mickey not me, though I’m sure he’s doing it in a caring and loving manner 🙂


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