You can put seat belts in tractors but . . .

Coroner Allan Hall has called for mandatory seat belts in tractors after an inquest into a farm worker who was killed when the tractor he was driving rolled.

He said if a seat belt had been fitted and used then the man would have survived.

The operative word here is not fitted but used.

You could put seat belts in tractors, and some already have them, but I don’t rate the chances of people using them very highly, especially if they’re doing a job which requires them getting in and out of the cab often.

4 Responses to You can put seat belts in tractors but . . .

  1. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    Was listening to newstalkzb’s Danny Watson discussing this yesterday. A guy rang up and talked about ‘springbelt’ – a belt for tractors which is in the way unless you do it up. He claimed it is positioned so that it is quick and easy to do up.
    It is on the web at
    May be interesting to get on a trial see if it is convenient or just adds frustration to the ” in and out of the cab ” type jobs you mentioned.


  2. Pique Oil says:

    I work in the OSH industry and one of the most frustrating things is seeing a seatbelt done up to activate the sensor, but operators sit on top of it.
    Here is a youtube link that shows a forklift fatality. Not gory at all but a seatbelt would have stopped him being thrown out the back and crushed to death.

    seatbelts save lives. Anyone who thinks that they are a nuisance or inconvenient or Fred would have died if he had worn his etc. etc. should ask themselves whether their widow would have preferred they wore a seatbelt.


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  4. Luke says:

    It’s been a few years since I drove tractors regularly -> Used to earn money over summer doing so – but a number of tractors I did drive were fitted with seatbelts. I used to regularly wear them. Especially on a hill. Not really for the safety factor more to keep me from slipping of the seat.


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