Sth Korea accepting US beef againg

South Korean retailers are planning to stock beef from the USA again for the first time after sales stopped five years ago because of fears of mad cow disease.

One Response to Sth Korea accepting US beef againg

  1. exexpat says:

    That happened months ago with some local korean farmers storming outlets stocking it throwing cow shit over the offending american imports (those Korean farmers are fierce protestors). During my time there, Australian beef had a very good reputation amongst Koreans for being clean and safe thanks to some slick marketing from the Australian beef promoter. They also seemed to be stocked in far more Korean supermarkets from the high-end departments stores as well as the low-cost places and even the American wholesaler costco had heaps of Australin beef. I don’t remember seeing any New Zealand beef but I am sure at some stage I bought some, it just wasn’t marketed very well.

    New Zealand was more famous for lamb (thanks tourism NZ) which Koreans don’t eat a lot of but the golden kiwis were very popular again, thanks to a very slick marketing campaign by zespri.


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