Getting round the flight tax

The British government’s plan to tax people flying out of Britain, with the rate rising for the distance and class (ie first class to New Zealand costs more than cattle class to anywhere else) could well have unintended consequences.

People could take a short haul flight to Euorpe and pay a lower tax then take the long haul flight from there  or travel by sea or train to Europe and escape the tax altogether.

It wouldn’t be as convenient as flying direct but providing there was no concern about conencting with the onward flight the money saved could make it worth while.

Another consequence could be a reduction in tourists travelling to Britain because they don’t want to have to pay more to leave again.

4 Responses to Getting round the flight tax

  1. Col says:

    Actually travelling to and from NZ to London direct is the only affordable option. The minute you decide to ‘travel fancy’ through a variety of cities you are in a different and much more pricey league


  2. homepaddock says:

    Col – A journey with stop overs costs more than direct flights. But if you got a cheap flight – and there are plenty – to eg Frankfurt, then did a direct flight from there it would probably be cheaper than flying from Britain with the tax.


  3. bobux says:


    Sometimes, but it ain’t necessarily so.

    In recent years, I’ve found the cheapest way to get to Paris has been via Frankfurt, and thre cheapest way to get to Rome has been via Heathrow. It all depends on which airline has the best deal on any given day, and the conditions that they attach to that deal.


  4. Mr Dennis says:

    You can go anywhere in Europe for about 100 euro return with Ryan Air. Then fly to NZ. Catching your connecting flight could be an issue sometimes, but it would all depend how much you were going to save. You have to keep in mind though that Ryan Air will drop you in a paddock in the middle of nowhere and the only bus company available will rip you off on the 3 hour drive to where you were actually intending to go…


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