Don’t go!

Economist Paul Walker has typed a last post at Anti-Dismal  because he reckons low visitor numbers mean it’s not worth doing.

If his aim was to generate lots of visitors that might be so but quality ought to be valued more than quantity.

If we all judged our success on numbers Kiwiblog would be a lone player in the New Zealand blogosphere because it probably gets more visitors in a day than most of the rest of us do in a week or month.

It does so because David Farrar manages to maintain both a large quantity and high quality of posts which attract large numbers of visitors and comments which in turn generate more visitors and comments.

Some other blogs are more like warehouses which might approach Kiwiblog for quantity but lack the quality.

Then there are boutique blogs, among which I’d put Anti-Dismal. They have well researched and written posts but attract far fewer visitors.

That doesn’t mean it’s not valued as the comments on the last post show.

One Response to Don’t go!

  1. Lita says:

    Well said!

    Although I haven’t read Anti-Dismal, I shall now go show some lurve now. I agree that value and worth can never be rated by the numbers and I don’t just say that cos mine are 1/48296th of DPF’s!


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