$100m merino retires

Shrek, the hermit wether found on Bendigo Station in 2004 after evading musterers for six years, is reitring.

“He has earned a break,” owner John Perriam, of Bendigo Station, said.

Shrek will retire to his own complex, equipped with veranda, office and showrooms, before moving to the House of Shrek museum in Tarras in the New Year. From a textile point of view, Shrek was probably one of the most worthless sheep in the country, but had brought New Zealand valuable exposure.

“A man from Saatchi told us that the exposure about Shrek contributed $100 million to the economy.”

Shrek fundraising had also contributed tens of thousands of dollars for the charity Cure Kids.


Shrek has also helped fundraising for Tarras School which published two books about him .

And while Shrek’s been in the limelight, it was John Perriam who saw the opportunities the hermit provided not just for fundraising but for promoting farming, merino and New Zealand.

One Response to $100m merino retires

  1. Mr Dennis says:

    When Shrek was first revealed, my first reaction was “so? I’ve handled sheep with longer wool than that”. I have a staple from an 18 inch Romney fleece somewhere, I’m sure Shrek’s wool was only a foot or so long. Big fuss over nothing.

    But he has been great publicity to reach townies who don’t know any better.


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