Silly shirts


When New Zealand hosted APEC the leaders were spared the silly shirts and given merino jumpers.

Other countries usually make less conventional sartorial statements, often because what may be appropriate for their cultures, a poncho for example,  doesn’t look quite so good when mixed with suits:

Image: APEC

Hat Tip for photo: Scoop

Growing up


It really was just a few weeks ago that they were babies . . .



. . . and now they’re in their teens:


Deborah has a sort of related post In A Strange Land.

Don’t go!


Economist Paul Walker has typed a last post at Anti-Dismal  because he reckons low visitor numbers mean it’s not worth doing.

If his aim was to generate lots of visitors that might be so but quality ought to be valued more than quantity.

If we all judged our success on numbers Kiwiblog would be a lone player in the New Zealand blogosphere because it probably gets more visitors in a day than most of the rest of us do in a week or month.

It does so because David Farrar manages to maintain both a large quantity and high quality of posts which attract large numbers of visitors and comments which in turn generate more visitors and comments.

Some other blogs are more like warehouses which might approach Kiwiblog for quantity but lack the quality.

Then there are boutique blogs, among which I’d put Anti-Dismal. They have well researched and written posts but attract far fewer visitors.

That doesn’t mean it’s not valued as the comments on the last post show.

$100m merino retires


Shrek, the hermit wether found on Bendigo Station in 2004 after evading musterers for six years, is reitring.

“He has earned a break,” owner John Perriam, of Bendigo Station, said.

Shrek will retire to his own complex, equipped with veranda, office and showrooms, before moving to the House of Shrek museum in Tarras in the New Year. From a textile point of view, Shrek was probably one of the most worthless sheep in the country, but had brought New Zealand valuable exposure.

“A man from Saatchi told us that the exposure about Shrek contributed $100 million to the economy.”

Shrek fundraising had also contributed tens of thousands of dollars for the charity Cure Kids.


Shrek has also helped fundraising for Tarras School which published two books about him .

And while Shrek’s been in the limelight, it was John Perriam who saw the opportunities the hermit provided not just for fundraising but for promoting farming, merino and New Zealand.

til we have built Jerusalem . . .


Well it’s not quite like Blake’s poem.

It is a Biblical village but it’s not  Jerusalem and this isn’t England’s green and pleasant land, it’s New Zealand.

More specifically it’s Elephant Rocks  in North Otago where they’re building the set for the film Kingdom Come on the life of Jesus.


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