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Fashionistas should stick to own kitting


Just a couple of week’s into John Key’s tenure as Prime Minister and the fashionistas are after his wife Bronagh.

Her fashion crime? Wearing the same outfit twice.

Shock, horror! 

It’s just as well I’m not in a position which brings me to the attention of the fashion police because not only do I wear the same outfit many times I do so over many seasons. If it wasn’t for a problem of wardrobe shrinkage (when you hang clothes in the wardrobe and find they’ve shrunk when you try them on a few months later) I’d be wearing them for a lot longer.

Bronagh appears to be a confident woman, comfortable with who she is and what she wears so I hope she ignores the unsolicited advice.

Wearing something more than once isn’t a fashion faux pas, it’s displaying environmental and financial sense.

We’re continually being exhorted to reduce, reuse and recycle so wearing an outfit just once is simply wasteful and  when we’re facing the worst financial crisis for decades it could also be regarded as profligate.

The fashionistas should stick to kitting out those who seek their advice and leave attractive and well dressed women like Bronagh to enjoy their own style, which includes wearing outfits as many times as she likes.

That way she’ll be a role model for the majority rather than a fashion horse for the few because while the fashion police have a vested interest in getting women into new clothes as often as possible that’s neither sensible nor possible for most of us.

UPDATE: The Hand Mirror  and Kiwiblog also comment on this.

UPDATE 2: goNZo Freakpower writes from experience.

UPDATE #: So does Madeleine at MandM

14 year old slaves


How can girls as young as 14 years old be in a situation where they are beaten by abusive partners and slaves in their own homes?

Hamilton Abuse Intervention Project (HAIP) staff said the women they worked with were becoming younger and younger.

“We are working with girls who are literally slaves in their own homes,” project manager Lila Jones said.

Her comment comes ahead of Tuesday’s White Ribbon Day – the international day for the elimination of violence against women.

Project service manager Julie Pullman said entering into a sexual relationship at the age of 13 or 14 opened up more avenues for a girl to be abused.

“Young girls can be naive and don’t really know what an abusive relationship looks like,” she said.

“So they can easily slip into it and not know how to get out. We are certainly finding that in our youth programme.”

Ms Pullman said both young women and men needed to be taught about abusive relationships while they were still in school.

“A lot of it should be about self-esteem. Teaching them to value themselves,” she said.

“I think parents are floundering really to know how to empower their own children.”

Obviously she knows a lot more about this than I do. But I don’t think girls just a year or two into their teens are women nor that the problem is about the self esteem of children.

The problem is men who think this sort of treatment of anyone – female, male of any age – is acceptable.

The problem is parents who fail their chidlren, almost certainly years before they get to their teens – and that could be because they were failed by their own parents.

The problem is a society which sexualises chidlren.

The problem is a society which disregards the law which makes sexual relationships with minors illegal.

Strewth – the Don’s dropped from Aust citizenship test


Stone the crows and put another prawn on the barbie – Bradman’s out and an understanding of what it means to be an Aussie is in.

Australia is to drop the general knowledge test for prospective immigrants, replacing it with a new test which focuses on the pledge of commitment new immigrants are required to make.

I’m not sure how I’d do in a general knowledge test about New Zealand, but I did the Australian practice test   and scored 5 out of 5, although I have to confess that the name of the national flower was a guess, and I’ve already forgotten the answer.

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